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One Cockpit | Two Pilots | SIX Cameras

PilotsEYE.tv shows the fascination of flying through the eyes of the pilots –
condensed into the most interesting moments in hitherto unknown quality, in HD-TV 1080i as well as normal DVD-PAL quality.

The six installed high definition cameras capture every hand movement and every radio message, the specially developed recording technology guarantees authentic audio and picture quality. The crystal clear sound means even viewers without flying experience can understand every command. Every episode features english subtitles.

Enjoy a privilege no longer available to regular passengers and let PilotsEYE.tv be your personal ticket to the reserve seat (jump seat) in the cockpit.

Experience the fascinating workday routine in the cockpit before, during and after a flight.

With PilotsEYE, you can listen to every command, every relevant radio message and every interesting sound... of which there are many on our long-haul flights. Particularly interesting is also the contrast between the almost military communication style at take off and landing and the laid-back atmosphere later on where the pilots chat and chuckle, eat and joke like anywhere else... But never compromising safety and always ready to intervene in the flight operations at a moment’s notice. See for yourself!

- All Videos are shown in 720p and carry subitltes in various languages - at least in english. -

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