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Grigorij "Greg" Richters, Director -has worked for 11 years in various capacities of film production and has directed over 30 short films, commercials and documentaries.

11 years ago he wrote and directed a documentary "Youth of Franz Kafka" which is part of the literature program of the German University, in Hamburg.

5 years ago Mr Richters directed and produced a commercial for a German SPA chain, which ran in German movie theaters and on national Television.

2 years ago he directed and produced the 12 minute long short film "IMAGINE".

I am the founder of Film Community Filmmakers-United.com which is currently producing the feature film THE LAST DAYS ON EARTH. I also founded the production company FILMS UNITED, co-founded the company PINADD, the jobs website fujobs.net and I run the blog at gregrichters.com

Connect with me on Twitter @gregrichters and @fumembers (Filmmakers United). Also connect with me on Facebook.com/gregrichters

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