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I was born at a young age in Dublin, Ireland. Came to New York City with a rock band and big dreams. Ditched the music world after 12 years and took up portrait painting. Then designed and built Web sites. Got a graphic design job in Seattle. Got interested in motion graphics and then discovered film.

Now I'm wondering how the world could exist without film. Funny how that works.

My mission is to open people's minds about the world around them.

Enough of that. So, aside from all the above, I also do over-the-phone consultation, should you need advice on any aspect of digital video, including 35mm adapter information. For more info, see:

** Feb 8, 2010: My site has been down for almost ten weeks because of a malware attack but I have now gotten it resolved. I'm slowly rebuilding the site. Thanks for the emails of concern but I am alive and well.

Here's a summary of what's been going on:

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