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Are you looking for a multi purpose animation/design house where creativity flows like willy wonka's chocolate river, delectable and just a little nutty?? Then welcome to Pink Elephink, an outrageously creative studio that exists primarily to put a whole lot of fun into the world through whacky innovative and highly original concepts.

What we do
Pink elephink ANIMATES! from short films to virals, 2d explainer and marketing videos, a promo for your company's website maybe?, a screensaver, a birthday video for mum, long, short, upside down, we do it all!!

We also DESIGN, in a wide spectrum of styles. From corporate branding, to cartoony illustrations, logo’s, wall decals, comic strips, websites, wedding invites and much much more!!

List of services include

motion graphics animation
stop motion animation
short films
experimental animation
Corporate and Promo videos
2d Marketing/explainer videos
cartoons, comic strips, storyboards
Corporate identity design
Stationary design
Wall Decal design
Themed design for any occasion

The above list is an overview. We cater to any and all inventive requirements. So if you want more don’t hesitate to ask.

And the best part?
Once we’re on the job, you can put your feet up, relax and sip a fruity beverage. There will be no hassle of missing deadlines or the stress of expecting anything less than high quality products. (Its true!! Elephinks don’t lie.)


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