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Smoke Artist, Gravitate// Singapore

It all started when I was 7. I was my Dad's editors assistant for our Super 8 home movies. By 13, we got our first Mac (128k!) and my first compositing project was of myself and Tom Cruise using a low res capture camera software MacVision, and the very first paint software of Mac called MacPaint. After my print out made the rounds in my classroom, I ended up selling dot matrix print outs of my classmates and their Hollywood crushes. I've edited Super 8, 16mm, on Umatic and Betacam. My first NLE experience was on Adobe Premiere 1.0 in 1994. My cutting edge set up then was a Mac Quadra, with Radius' VideoVision board, and a World Atlas sized hard drive. All 2 Gigabytes of it.

I've been an online editor since 1997, starting with Quantel's Editbox, then onto Henry, then eventually onto Autodesk Smoke. I've freelanced in Manila, Singapore, Jakarta and Hong Kong, with a bulk of my experience here in Singapore working on TV commercials, as well as TV programs, documentaries as well as feature films.

The best part of being a Smoke Artist? It's when no one ever notices my work. That means I did my job well.

The work I upload in this account are purely my personal, iPhone 5 work. My professional videos are my "appearance" videos where I am credited.

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