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The Pipeline Project is a K-12 outreach program that connects undergraduate students from the University of Washington with educational and service opportunities in local and regional schools and community organizations through tutoring and mentoring. The Pipeline Project is housed in The Center for Experiential Learning.

If you are a current UW student, there are three different ways you can get involved directly with the Pipeline Project:

* Volunteer The Pipeline Project recruits, trains, and places students as volunteer tutors in K-12 schools and community organizations throughout the academic year.
* Inner Pipeline The Pipeline Project offers credit-bearing seminars (EDUC 401) each quarter. Students tutor in the schools for 2.5-5 hours per week and attend weekly seminars focusing on a wide range of current educational topics.
* Service Learning Working with our partner, The Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center, school-based service learning placements are made for a wide range of classes at the UW.
* Alternative Spring Break The Pipeline Project offers students the opportunity to spend their spring break in a rural community within the state of Washington, working with children in local schools on a literacy arts or environmental science project.

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