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I guess CG interests started in my childhood around the age of 15 when I got the level editor for DooM and manage to build up our house. Then this habbit was followed by other 3D FPS games. At the age of 18 I was working for a game developer company as a level designer. In these ages I was very keen on skateboarding, and figured out how I can record the others with our home video camera and make small movies about our progress.

Then I had to take a short break among these yet hobbies, while I was studying marketing and advertising at the University of Foreign Trade. After finishing these studies, I still felt like try my skills at the creative side instead of the client's. I was also boosted by the agency where I started my carrier, by making short films for them about "our" promotional activities (they do liked my proDVcam, and didn't have to hire anybody). So I quit and focused on film-making as a freelancer.

Technology and software development allowed me to create more and more interesting title animations for each movie, so I passed a Maya course and learned compositing (Digital Fusion).
I found my best way of progress was to find a group of people with the same interests, so from 2005 I joined GYÁR Post-Production company and focused on visual effects, particles, procedural animation, and motion design.
Currently I use Maya to achieve my purposes, but got very keen on Houdini recently. Most of my works are typical TV ads, you probably switch off, but there are some animations where we are not so restricted by client, or we / I made them for fun. Hope you'll enjoy them ;)

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