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Pittsburgh Filmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is committed to the artist and the advancement of artistic excellence in visual arts.

Our Mission

Pittsburgh Filmmakers (est. 1971) is a nonprofit corporation designed to encourage the creation and understanding of media for noncommercial artistic and literary purposes. To this end, Filmmakers offers a curriculum of courses in film, video, and photography to university and independent students in the Pittsburgh region. Filmmakers also exhibits the work of prominent photographers and filmmakers in its two galleries, Melwood Screening Room, Regent Square Theater and Harris Theater. A key component of Filmmakers’ mission is to provide equipment access and funding for independent media artists.
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Founded in 1945, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts is a non-profit community arts campus that offers arts education and programs and contemporary art exhibitions, providing services and resources for individual artists throughout Western Pennsylvania. The Center is where the community can create, see, support and learn about visual arts.

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