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  1. 01:08:58

    Films from the Filmmaking Intensive

    by PF/PCA

    9 Videos

    This is a sampling of the final projects from Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Filmmaking Intensive program. All film were made collaboratively by the students. The Filmmaking Intensive is an 8-month,…

  2. 33:41

    Heinz Endowments 2014

    by PF/PCA

    6 Videos

    Final Video and Photography projects from the 2014 Heinz Summer Youth Philanthropy Internship Program.

  3. 22:18

    Heinz Interns 2013

    by PF/PCA

    5 Videos

  4. 42:03

    Heinz Interns 2012

    by PF/PCA

    6 Videos

  5. 01:16:45

    Phenomena c/o VIA 2011

    by PF/PCA

    27 Videos

    created for VIA 2011 by Marina Pfenning and Gretchen Neidert If VIA provides a new look at the synchronicity between aural and visual riff-makers, then this loop is a celebration of that impulse.…

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