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Gold Coast, Australia

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I have been in the television industry since 1999, starting as a tape operator in Channel 9 and working my way up to editor in another company and then broke out as freelancer in 2004. I moved to London, worked two years (including the BBC) and then moved back to Australia where my partner and I started ProMojo ( Some of our clients are the Raptis Group, Multiplex, Hilton, Sofitel, Translink, the Accor Vacation Club and many, many more.

Although we are right up there in creating corporate work, my vimeo channel and my website,, is dedicated to promoting the creative side of what I do. Many times I get some beautiful location shots but in a corporate edit I only use a couple of seconds worth of material - depressing! On Vimeo I am editing this material into montages of beautiful imagery.

Additional to this I aim to help others in being better editors, compositors and cinematographers through passing what I know on to you. I really enjoy teaching and it brings a great deal of satisfaction to what I do, so please ask questions - I'm more than happy to help where I can.

I hope you enjoy some of the edits I've put together.

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