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“Places Please” is a webseries that follows three best friends, Jack (Rodney E. Reyes), Fitz (Jonathan Weirich) and Emmy (Rachel Skrod) through their trials and tribulations in the New York City independent arts scene.

The show’s title is a play on the famous stage and movie direction, but also an allusion to the spot in life where the characters have found themselves.

The humor of “Places Please” is derived from skewering the absurdity of the self-involved self-important modern NYC arts scene. Initially, each show will be driven by the odd situations the characters find themselves in as the try to piece together a career. Although the seasons will have larger arcs for the characters, the series isn’t necessarily character driven.

Numerous running jokes and themes develop throughout the series.

While the show will have three primary characters, the series will develop many other characters that inhabit their world. The show would maintain a relatively constant ensemble cast, focusing primarily on the three friends, but several other characters would supplement these three with numerous guest stars and one-time characters.

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