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Lauded by music critics in Canada and abroad, trip-rock group Plajia, composed of Patrick Pleau (lead vocals, guitars, keyboards and harmonica), Simon Boivin (bass and backing vocals) and Pascal Laviolette (drums, percussion and backing vocals) feels compelled to buy a crystal ball in order to preview its future successes.

But let’s get back to ongoing reality. With its first sonic offering entitled “Beautiful Explosion”, the Montreal trio renews a struggling tradition in this hypermodern and fragmented musical era: the full-fledged album. No respite for the listener here, the experience is total.

From gripping beginning to grandiose end, this voyage through eleven songs transports us in an impressionist soundscape, where unbridled imagination, open emotion and gleeful sarcasm colour an ethereal and melodious music. And stylistically speaking, “Beautiful Explosion” is certainly audacious, as Plajia infuses its atmospheric rock with brit-music references, psychedelic accents and eccentric arrangements, the whole with a pop focus and technical mastery.

After having won the 2004 edition of Virée chaosphonique and finished first at the MP3 Contest in 2006, Plajia has recently been nominated with “Beautiful Explosion” for the Grand Prix de la relève Archambault 2008. Now, and in the words of the great Gerald Levert, Plajia hopes to “pop pop pop” Montreal, but that decision lies with a very wise and humourful hipster wearing checkered Converses.

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