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I'm a freelance independent film maker and photographer.

Fully self-tought, which is up to you to consider positive or negative, but most certainly means my work is different - due to utter lack of academical influences. Yet I’ve benefited from the contact with many professionals (forever grateful guys). Anyway, no need to ramble, watch and decide if it's to your liking. And oh! Yes err... in a former life I used to be Engineer in Softwares and Websites Development.
I'm French (breath normally, emergency exits are on the side)
With my lover I have cycled around the world on a tandem for several years. We then took a ride across Iceland with our first baby to search the Queen of the Elves; with our second babies we cruised across Spain to investigate on ecovillages. On my fatbike I have cycled on snow and ice in Finland, Norway, Sweden and France. In other places I have skied, ran, climbed and hiked - well you get it: I like fair means travels and sport adventures.

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