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Planks emerged from three decades absorbed in skiing and having fun in the mountains. From dry slope beginnings, to being ski bums in the Alps, to professional skiing and then starting up our own brand, the main objective has remained the same – to ski as much as possible.

This journey has led us to working with some of the worlds best skiers and with their help our mission is to provide exciting products that make your skiing experience more enjoyable.

Today Planks is stronger than ever, our collection continues to evolve and for this winter we have added Planks Vision and a New Ride In collection.

We would like to say thank you for your support in helping Planks grow from its grass roots beings to now being stocked in ski stores the world over, (see stockists). We hope you enjoy our new collection, see you on the mountain.

Enjoy the Winter. Stay safe. Keep shredding!

The Planks Team

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