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Launched in 1997, Plastic Thought Studios provides a combination of flexibility and quality in the Multimedia and Animation industry. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Plastic Thought Studios strives to develop compelling visual narratives by communicating mood, thought and message. Both technically and artistically talented, PTS is focused on providing exceptional work and service through our quality graphics, animation and service to our customers. Our goal as a Motion Graphics studio is to constantly deliver engaging and compelling digital media productions regardless of the budget. We strive to carefully listened so that we can create solutions that best embody your visions and needs.

PTS has in depth experience in creating graphics and animations for short film, television broadcast, series and show opening graphics, winning awards for animation and special effects. Outside the Broadcast market, we have built online and DVD based multimedia content ranging from animation to interface design.

At the core, PTS is three minds strong, with an experienced group of graphics and animation professionals for any creative task imaginable. Our Creative Director is a college instructor of computer graphics and 3D animation, skilled at creatively tackling a project, putting all of his effort into making it a unique and engaging end product. Our Visual Director has keen sense of composition and timing, making animation his forte. Winning various awards for animation, his skill as a motion designer stands out in his work. When it comes to illustration and 3D work, our Art Director lends his eye for color & composition to the group, helping add the extra details important to an outstanding end result. PTS is constantly upgrading skills and software to surpass the needs of their clients. Using cutting edge software such as Maya, Lightwave 3D, Adobe After Effects and Mocha Pro along with keen creative know-how, PTS is able to bring quality work to any size project.

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