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-- Plateau 9 Productions LLC- Located in Birmingham, Alabama.

We are a creative group of eccentric thinkers, writers, videographers, directors, producers, and editors. We help Corporate businesses, Small businesses, or Individual client(s), We create professional video media for the more modern consumer landscape. With the current technology and our staffs endless abilities, creative video media for business growth and promotion, from the very largest of projects and budgets, or the smaller individual needs for modern plans for media promotion and company growth and recognition
by utilizing and staying on top of the technological curve, saving money and keeping our work the most professional it can be, as well as using more modern practices for business growth, branding, and recognition. We Create professional Video Media and give companies a stronger online presence.
Our Team uses every other technological tool available to create efficient and promising results, and are available for any consulting needs.
Cisco systems says in 3 years 90% of all internet traffic will be video media, as of 2012 its 50%. We make our income, by saving yours.
The Plateau 9 Team

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