Features Basic Account Vimeo Plus
Storage Space
With 5GB of storage space a week, you can upload almost any video you make, including that HD short film you’ve been working so hard on. That’s so much space you won’t know what to do with it all!
1/2 GB/week 5 GB/week
Banner Ad-Free Viewing
Hate ads? We understand. Vimeo Plus members will never see another banner ad anywhere on the main site. Period.
No Yes
Priority Video Conversion
Now you will never have to wait for your video to convert. That means no lines, no waiting, just instant conversion like you want. Even if your video is waiting in line to convert, upgrading to Plus will push your video to the front of the line, automagically.
No Yes
HD Uploading
Upload as many HD videos as you want within your weekly limit. With 5GB of upload space per week, that’s a boat load of HD video.
1HD/week Unlimited up to your storage limit
HD Embedding
Every Vimeo Plus user gets unlimited HD embedded plays.
No Yes
Player Customization
Now you can customize almost every single aspect of the player. Don’t want the playbar? Take it out. Want to choose what happens at the end of the video? Of course you do. There are so many options, it might just blow your mind.
Basic Advanced
Create as many groups, channels, and albums as you want. That means you can create your own show, start groups with like-minded people, and organize all your videos into different albums.
1/1/3 Unlimited
Advanced Statistics
With Advanced Statistics you can stay on top of all your statistics, look at your weekly, monthly and yearly stats, see where people are watching your videos, and find people who like or comment on your videos.
No Yes
Domain Level Privacy
Choose exactly where your videos can be embedded on the web. There are no limits to the number of websites you can choose and you’ll always have complete control of your video outside of Vimeo. You even have the option to completely hide your video on Vimeo.com so it will only show up on the sites you want it to, and nowhere else.
No Yes
Optional Source File Storage
Uploads are converted to Vimeo format. Plus users also have the option of allowing downloads of their original uploaded file. Basic account users have their original files removed after 1 week, leaving only the Vimeo version. Plus users can opt-in to having their original uploaded file stored permanently. You can choose to preserve your source files with Plus!
No Yes
Priority Support
Vimeo Plus gives you 4-hour email responses around the clock on business days, Eastern Time.
No Yes
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