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Thanks for checking out my work!!!

I am a Director/Cinematographer on the Central Coast of California. I own and operate the Sony F3 Camera with S-Log 4:2:2 to Samurai recorder, and a Nikon D600 with 4:2:2 to Ninja recorder (also used for time-lapse work). I'm also well versed with the Sony FS700, and Sony F800 Broadcast Camera. My specialties are in Documentary Television and Commercial work and I have Directed and/or shot over 150 Commercials and Corporate films during my 15 year career. I also work on indie films and music videos when the opportunity is right.

Available for Freelance in US and Internationally - I travel well having shot multiple Television projects in Germany, Italy, Greece, and around the US. Including my most recent trip to Europe shooting super cars with Porsche, Lamborghini, and Pagani for Discovery Channel.

I also rent and tech my gear!!
Core Equipment: Sony PMW F3 with S-Log 4:2:2 to Atomos Samurai Recorder, Redrock Shoulder Mount, Follow Focus, Petroff Mattebox/Filters, 'Small HD' DP 720P Field Monitor, Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic, Cartoni Beta Tripod, 5 Foot Kessler CineSlider with all accessories & Oracle controller + Nikon D600 for motion time-lapse. Grip and lighting Trailer w/ Mole Richardson, Lowel, and Kino Flo included, 4 man Crew, Truck, Etc. Perfect for small scale Commercials and Documentary productions - easily supplemented for bigger projects. RENT MY PRODUCTION SUITE in beautiful DT San Luis Obispo - designed specifically for Commercials that come to the area - complete with a Production Office, Edit Suite, and Central Theater/Director suite w/ 1080p Projector and 110 inch screen. Message me for details.

Field Edit: Adobe CC Field Edit on Macbook Pro w/ Thunderbolt

Studio Edit: Adobe CC Suite on Mac Pro 8 Core

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