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Hi everyone! I am a Southern California based generalist visual effects artist. My main areas of expertise are in set supervision, shading, lighting, and compositing. For job and other inquiries feel free to shoot me an email.


  1. Carlos Lopez Estrada
  2. Joe Sill
  3. arjun prakash
  4. Mishka Kornai
  5. Anthony Pham
  6. RJ Collins
  7. greenglowfilms
  8. Spencer Stuard
  9. Brian Ramirez
  10. Katlan Merrill
  11. Cassandra Larson
  12. Almog Avidan Antonir
  13. Liz Fiacco
  14. Derek Dolechek
  15. Ariel Feblowitz
  16. Lilian Angel
  17. Chris Rickard
  18. Hunter Schmidt

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