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all ma life im fall in love with hiphop, from birth to death!
all good music every day remind me that i am alive :)
dancing is ma everything!
drawings is lyric of ma soul!........

POCA is nickname of Pocahontas, everyone told me i looked like her, so i decided to take part (short) of her name for ma own dance name (=
N LilD is part of me - or something inside me ... lil - mean * child, i will stay child inside me forever. Because than i can play with drawing or dancing...n everytime i can make something new - be creative... lil D - mean * child Dea (= - always playing, with something new, be creative, be child... so i will keep that, not for dancing name, i keep that for me.

music is most important thing in my life, so i luv good music (=
i luv, hiphop, funk, soul, acid jazz, jazz, bluz, reggae, classical music, rnb, good dub step n good-old rock, hard core......

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