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Pocketful is a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2002 the trio emerged from the ashes of a long gone Swedish band. Three years later the debut CD, “Sparkling”, was released by a French label. In 2008 the band made a strong comeback with the 4-track EP, “A Sparrow’s Mind”, their first Ovanbeck release. Yet another EP, “Ambiguous Signs”, came out in February 2009. Later that year, the band released a download version of “Sparkling” – entitled “Sparkling Revisited” – featuring the band’s favourite tunes from the debut.

The latest release, a 6-track EP entitled “Late Night Call”, saw the light of day in December 2010. It was promoted by the first official video, “I Don’t”, made by Joe Baker and Lindsey Wolkowicz.

The music of Pocketful is characterized by strong melodies, ambient textures, crisp guitars and groovy beats. It’s a musical landscape full of contrasts – acoustic and electronic elements combine, monotony interferes with variation, and brutality meets beauty. The unique Pocketful music compositions are created and performed by musicians Jerker Rellmark (vocals, keyboards and trumpet) and Johan Engström (guitars and keyboards), together with lyricist Joakim Gralén.

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