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Pocket Storms Productions is Chris Cipriano, Matt Ferrin, James P. Gannon and Joseph K. Gannon. All four were born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania but their creative aspirations eventually lead each of them to Brooklyn, where they all currently reside. After many years of being friends and working together on several film projects they officially formed Pocket Storms in 2012. Pocket Storms has produced two short films so far: Crossbow, written and directed by James P. Gannon and starring Joseph K. Gannon and Chris Cipriano and Terrapin, written by Chris Cipriano and Matt Ferrin, it was directed by Matt and also starred Chris and Joseph. Crossbow was a selection in Southside Film Festival and Terrapin was a selection in the Philip. K. Dick Film Festival. Prior to the official forming of Pocket Storms, James’ short film Cochran screened at many festivals, including SXSW. James and Joseph’s short documentary Three Envelopes was featured on upworthy.com and recieved over 20k views in one day.


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