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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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I am an editor/cameraman/director/technical writer who started out in the camera shop of my father as a gofer. Eventually I learned to take photographs, crop and print. In High School a friend and I started making films with a borrowed Kodak Brownie ( 8 mm film camera) from my father's shop. We wrote scripts so I could kiss the most beautiful girl in school who was invited to play the female lead.

7 years later I am a much asked for editor. I worked for all current affairs and sport programs on Dutch TV. In 1976 I became a cameraman too, both in video and film and shot hundreds of sports video clips and paralel to that career I produced a host of industrial and institutional films world wide. In 1990 I was headhunted by Avid Technology Inc. to become one of their evangelists to promote non linear editing ( virtual editing) which was just invented. Since 2003 I am freelance again. As a technical writer and cameraman I currently watch the development of the large sensor (video) camera's. You are never to old to find new and different ways to work. I shoot video as well as Digital Cinema. I use DSLR's as wel as RED's or other large sensor camera's

Research has learned that the video documentary (journalistic approach) is one of the best way to get a marketing message across.
But gimmicks getr good attention but are maybe less effective.

I am a passionare professional, nice person to work with.

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