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Never! Never! give up! First of all I refer it to myself. No matter what it takes, never betray your dream and never forget about your goal, because your dream definitly costs it, you have to ignore the obstacles in your path. Nothing can't stop you when you really want it. Dou you hear? Never give up!

Kristian Levedev was born in Kirov. 27.july.1987
Nowadays I live in Moscow, Russia.
World Pole Sport & Fitness Championship 2012
2nd Place Kristian Lebedev
Best Costume Kristian Lebedev
Best Tricks Kristian Lebedev,
2nd place in International Pole Dance Competition in Moscow.2012.
2nd Place in International Cup of Pole Sport.2012 in St. Petersburg.
I have participated in various Pole Festivals.Organizator of Street Pole.Moscow
Pole Dance Trainer from 2011.
In 2009 I served in army.In 2010 I came back home and I pursued my fitness career. When I was working in fitness I accidentally watched a Pole Dance video, in that time Pole Dance was not very popular, and I was interested in joining strength, dancing and art.

In 2011 I moved to Moscow and I began teaching Pole dance, by the time I was ready to become a trainer and exercising 5 times a week, three times a day for 1.5 hours - I got in a new shape and learnt new tricks .Every second I was moving in my students development, they had results after 6 months of training.
In the same year 2011 I was invited to a workshops by cities of Russia.
In 2012 I have got the first place in regional competitions, and then in a dance contest, and in international Cup I became the First Place.