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Polkapixel is May Husby and Marit Espeland.

We are visual communicators, with several years of experience in designing, branding and developing of whole concepts for a broad variety of fields like TV, video, film, theatre, print and web.

Our main goal is close collaboration with our clients to ensure a unique and solid product aimed towards the targeted audience. The process and techniques used are guided by the intention of the product. The main visual concept is usually already decided, before the real process begins to ensure a successful outcome.

In television production, we both have almost a decade of experience from TV 2. Apart from that, Marit has a long experience in photo and May in various forms of productions for web.

We formed our own company called MNM-productions, but in 2011 we decided to morph that company into Polkapixel. Polkapixel has excisted since 1997.

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