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Moderated by Kevin de Wilde (where other Wanderer Sessions are)

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Pilar Timpane
Skyla Pojednic

Pollifax is a non-profit, non-commercial project created solely for the love of music, writing, art, and everything creative done by creatively gifted people.

The story is that, when they were in college, literary mag-loving Christine Tran and La Blogotheque-fan Kevin de Wilde met up for lunch and decided to do something to help out the creative arts scene of New Brunswick, New Jersey where they went to school. Perhaps it was the lack of venues, the lack of public art spaces, their love for music and art and poetry, or perhaps they were in some creative delirium from eating so much Pad Thai from the local Thai Noodle, but the pair thought of starting a place devoted to featuring the lovely artists of their town. And so, Pollifax was founded; a place for musicians, writers, and artists to get their works out to the world; a place for the two’s memories of all the creative people they’ve come to know as friends; a virtual venue for the arts that will never be turned into yet another New Brunswick pizzeria.

We suppose that’s how it all started. And now the two are older and out of college. The world is their Pad Thai. Pollifax New Brunswick is now Pollifax Everywhere. So, see you around.

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