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The love of many art forms...


We're a media factory based in Paris, France, and San Francisco, California, who works with world-wide collaborators to create stories about life and love.

Our work falls into three categories: slated, commissioned and whimsical.

Slated projects are films, series, transmedia and other styles of storytelling that we develop, create and launch from our own ideas within our collaborators' circle.

Commissioned work is videos, photos, campaigns and projects that we make for people outside our company, who need stories to solve their marketing, press and branding challenges; people like you, perhaps.

Whimsical tidbits are small-scale projects that we do for the sheer joy of making a little something magical from time to time to keep us all on our toes and to keep those toes happy.

Can we help you tell a story? Can you help us? Say hello and get to know us by visiting polyamorousproductions.com/contact today.

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