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When a team of experienced, multi-dimensional creatives including photographers, cinematographers, visual and sound designers, 3D artists and geeky engineers decide to get together, you get Polygnome.
Polygnome, derived from poly that is “multi” and gnōmē, from gignōskein that is “to know” in Greek, stands for having multiple views on a certain thing. Combining multiple perspectives in realizing one piece of creation enriches it with unique strength.
In line with our name, Polygnome is an independent creative studio where we, that is a bunch of creatives from diverse backgrounds, create powerful visual storytelling experiences, 3D visualizations, TV commercials and sound design, employing a wide range of styles and techniques.


  1. Michel Bück
  2. ASITIS Digital Art
  3. Angelos Roditakis
  4. Kimon Kodossis
  5. M A R V A
  6. Nikoo Creations
  7. May Roosevelt
  8. Eleni Dinaki
  9. Rubèn Borràs
  10. Duncan Robson
  11. Lightning Boy Studio
  12. Javier Tommasi
  13. Adam Martinakis
  14. Ignacio Valensi
  15. CypherAudio
  16. Dimitra Giannouka
  17. Benji Vaughan
  18. Protonotarios

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