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Prague, Czech republic

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Ponec is an open space for independent artistic creation focused primarily on contemporary dance and movement theatre. The theatre flexibly reacts to new trends in the realm of living art, sticking to contemporary dance and all related genres as its priority.

The theater supports different artistic groups and choreographers with little institutional background, as well as establishing co-operation between different foreign artists and institutions, initiating co-production projects, residencies of foreign artists, and internships of Czech artists abroad.

Ponec theatre was opened in 2001 after a careful reconstruction. Its name is related to Frantisek Ponec, a founder of the cinema Royal Bioskop (1910), which was situated in the building between 1910–1929. Nowadays the space is operated by Tanec Praha civic association with financial support from the City of Prague, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, and the Prague 3 district.

Ponec Theater Website: divadloponec.cz/

Husitská 24A, Praha 3
Opening hours: Mo–Fr 5pm–8pm and one hour before the start of the performance
e-mail: ponec@tanecpraha.eu

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