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Pornsaints is “an artistic approach to porn, a pornographic approach to art, a pornoartistic approach to religion.” Its mission is to reinterpret pornography through the languages of contemporary arts. It was born as an international collective of artists who portray porn stars as saints. Artworks are based on the idea that porn stars may be "sanctified" by their performances. Founded by Francesco D'Isa in early 2007, Pornsaints is based in Firenze and Berlin, and made up of artists from around the world, working in an array of mediums ranging from digital video to oil and canvas.  
Pornsaints has held many exhibitions through art galleries and porn-related venues worldwide. Moreover, our web community,, the "Pornsaints Church" is one of the first and biggest websites about art and pornography, with hundreds of daily visitors.

To completely achieve our study of pornography through the lenses of art, we want to do a short movie. It will NOT be a porn or erotic movie, but a visual allegory of the idea of "porn-sanctity". Our main character will be a cam girl, and we will tell you her story with a journey inside her mind, showing the hard path that leads to porn-sanctiy, through dreams, nightmares and enlightenments. Only her mind will be shown naked.

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