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Positive Videos on Vimeo are produced, directed, and edited by Jim Sallee, unless otherwise noted.

I am a Physical Education Teacher at Holmquist Elementary, Alief I.S.D. In Houston, Texas. I have always enjoyed working and editing videos. When I was 14 I got my first VCR and began editing my tv shows or programs by pausing while recording them, followed by pressing record again which created an edit; a very basic one at that. These were usual music videos from MTV. I soon learned that if you edit a video you can change the overall feel and emotion the video gives the viewer.

I enjoyed that with music too. I found myself constantly making my own remixes of songs by editing them and creating tapes and CDs. With the advance in technology I was able to continue to create using these teenage and early adult experiences by creating videos for my awesome school. This gave me opportunity to learn along the way. Being self-taught I know I still have a lot to learn. Video production is a hobby that continues to bring me happiness. I can't wait for the next challenge!

**This Vimeo account is NOT directly affiliated with Alief I.S.D. Any and all children under 18 have consent to be photographed or on video via Alief I.S.D. policy regarding their use as the sole purpose to educate other students and staff. Positive Videos @ Holmquist is an after school, extra-curricular student group. Positive Videos sole purpose is used to promote, educate, entertain, and encourage rules, procedures, tips etc to students, staff, and the community throughout the year. All direct participants have had, however, guardian signatures to participate in Positive Videos productions. No participants have been compensated or profited from participating in any Positive Videos Productions.

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  • Positive Videos Main Web Site - Web page used as a portfolio of Positive Videos creations. Any videos created that are not related to my public school uploads are kept private and password protected


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