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The Salvation of Slam-Dancing: POSR The sunglassed and safety-pinned spawn of dance-producer Jake Childs, Texas-based collective POSR was born from the id of the Sex Pistols, the purity of The Damned, and the social hep-ness of Rage Against the Machine.. Their glorified post-punk sound spans the gap between dance and punk, between the static knob-twiddlers and the kinetic shamans of rock. Their recordings have been available on myspace - at weareposr and at Jake Childs’ space - and have been garnering positive responses. The single ‘Honey-claws Shoutout: POSR Remix’ has been featured on the RCRDLBL webstite and have also been getting a gang of hits. Outside the studio, POSR is gaining notoriety for its handful of initial shows in Austin, TX - including one show in support of members of Spank Rock - and confounding easy definitions of what they are. POSR is … a collective of like-minded artists readying a multi-media assault on complacence wherever they find it.

Is it dance? Is it rock? POSR says ’shut up and MOVE!’

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