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Born and raised in Athens, Greece - currently located in Los Angeles. I am a Film Actor, Parkour athlete / Stunt Performer and Filmmaker. I am considered to be one of the Greek Parkour pioneers and the founder of the first official Greek Parkour team, NSA.
I am know in Greece for my Action skills spread through the media, for my leading roles in Tv commercials for big companies and for several distinguished productions in the Film Industry in Europe. I have been co-hosting the biggest Parkour/Freerunning event in the world, "Red Bull Art of Motion" in Santorini. Also my Filmmaking, has been awarded in International Film Festivals.
- How did I make it to where I am today? And how will I get to where I want to be in the future?
I follow my own path, staying true to myself, fueled by my passion, dreams and purpose, I am waking up fired up everyday ready to smash my goals, see the impossible as challenges, limits as milestones, failure as lessons. Train to be better than I was yesterday.
One of my goals is to reach and motivate people through my work and accomplishments and inspire them to live out their own dreams, find their own purpose and create their own future.

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