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Powder Lines offers world class professional guiding and logistics in the world's most remote mountain ranges. Come find your perfect turn from the Arctic to the Antarctic and all wild points between. Explore unexplored environments with us as you seek adventure off the beaten path with your professional guide and professional snowboarder, Sean Busby.

We have guided trips all around the globe and have been to some of the most remote mountain peaks in the world. Powder Lines and Sean Busby have an extensive history of backcountry ski/ride certifications in things such as safe route finding, avalanche hazard and mitigation, crevasse rescue, glacier travel, emergency medical, and ski/ride/splitboard coaching in addition to expedition experience in remote backcountry locations such as Romania, Bulgaria, Tasmania, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon Territory, Canada, Alaska, USA, Iceland, New Zealand, Patagonia, Argentina, and Antarctica.

Whether you want to join a guided trip to a remote corner of the earth or even need help with logistics for a trip you have planned to Greenland, Powder Lines can help you, all while making your expedition experience a memorable one.


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