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POWER HOUSE TV was originally created in the early 1990's by a local Producer named Abe Cortez. The show previously featured music videos by various Latin Hip Hop artists such as: Lil' Suzy, Johnny O, Cynthia, Trinear, and many more! Today, I am the Executive Producer of the show, renamed "TEXAS" POWER HOUSE TV. I am also the Manager of DIE SLO ENTERTAINMENT, a well known local rap label. Together, we are bringing to you various footage of Live Shows, Exclusive Interviews, Drops, and Music Video's featuring all of our local artists. This includes, but is not limited to: Music/Video Producers, Promoters, Graphic Art/Web Designers, Photographers, Models, DJ's and Rappers. **It is important for our viewers to understand that what is aired on the show is what is submitted to us by the artists themselves. It is the job of the artist to submit, in the best of quality to us, any promos or music videos as they see fit. Keep in mind, that the views and opinions that are connected with that footage are not necessarily the views and opinions of TX Power House TV or Die Slo Entertainment. The show's intent is to simply create a visual outlet where our local artists can let their talent be seen and critiqued by others. "LIVE" shows and performance are taken/edited by TX Power House TV and its crew members at the producer's discretion and/or by request. Please contact me directly @ 512-945-9120 for more details regarding "Live" events/shows or performances that you would like to air on our show. If you would like to simply submit your music, music video/promo or, if you have "product" or an upcoming event that you would like to promote on the show, please contact us on the page, or email us at powerhousetv@gmail.com Finally, this show is dedicated to everyone who is keeping the local Music Industry on FIRE with weekly/monthly shows. TX Power House TV represents the unity of all local artists and supports collaboration. Ultimately, our goal is to webcast the show so that the entire world will see the talent that we have in our city. Together, we can make it happen - Support the Local Hip Hop Movement!!! Time to stand up Cap City and start "MAKING MOVES TODAY, NOT TOMORROW"!!!

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