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We are The Picture Production Company (PPC) Interactive. We create online and interactive marketing campaigns for films, games and brands. We help them harness and communicate with the ever-growing social web. We have won two BAFTAs and our clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount, Fox, Capcom, Midway Games, Eidos, 2K Games, Nintendo, Sony Ericsson, Budweiser and Citroen.

PPC Interactive is part of the Picture Production Company Group (PPC) which launched 25 years ago as a film trailer house. It has since grown into the biggest film marketing agency outside Hollywood and a full service creative marketing agency for entertainment and lifestyle brands. Based in Soho and LA and headed by CEO Nick Pearce, it employs a 120-strong team including writers, producers, directors, designers, animators and editors, as well as a large marketing and promotions team.

PPC produces trailers, TV and radio commercials, documentaries, promos, DVD value-added material, junkets and electronic press kits. All this is complemented by digital, print design and interactive marketing services. Its vast in-house post-production facility boasts an HD centre incorporating Smoke, DS Nitris, and Final Cut Pro HD suites, alongside digital audio suites, two voice-over booths, and 20 further Avid suites.

For more information, please visit theppc.com/interactive

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