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  1. 77:59:55


    by PPLD TV

    156 Videos

    Full-length shows featured on PPLD TV

  2. 12:49:47


    by PPLD TV

    122 Videos

    Enjoy selections from local poets.

  3. 34:03:07

    The Story Project

    by PPLD TV

    116 Videos

    The Story Project Hear & Tell Stories - True Live Personal Storytelling Without a Script Produced and Directed by Sharon Friedman See it live every 2nd Friday: Marmalade at Smokebrush

  4. 03:23:26

    Teen Booktalks

    by PPLD TV

    64 Videos

  5. 05:32:46

    Showcase at Studio Bee

    by PPLD TV

    59 Videos

    Thanks to a collaboration with KRCC, COPPeR, the Gazette, the Independent, Downtown Partnerships, Pikes Peak Library District, the Pikes Peak Center and KCME, the Showcase at Studio Bee features some…

  6. 06:26:54

    Poetry in the Pikes Peak Region

    by PPLD TV

    58 Videos

    Selections from poets in the Pikes Peak Region.

  7. 04:22:45

    PPLD TV Kids Online Storytimes

    by PPLD TV

    43 Videos

    These are stories you can watch online or by tuning in to PPLD TV (Colorado Springs Comcast 17, Falcon Broadband 75) weekday mornings from 9 - 10 a.m. or 3 - 4 p.m.

  8. 03:35:37

    PPLD Off the Wall

    by PPLD TV

    43 Videos

    Pikes Peak Library District features local artist in our community.

  9. 05:20:26

    Shivers Concert Series

    by PPLD TV

    25 Videos

    Musical selections from the Shivers Concert Series, and full programs.

  10. 20:31:40

    Author Talks

    by PPLD TV

    24 Videos

    Presentations by writers, publishers and agents about the process of writing and publishing prose.

  11. 01:31:09

    Stories in the Dark

    by PPLD TV

    19 Videos

    Hear spooky stories that will send chills and shivers up your spine. Suggested for ages 8 and up.

  12. 12:35:18

    Colorado Cinema Spotlight

    by PPLD TV

    17 Videos

    Colorado Cinema Spotlight is a half hour show that features the work of a Colorado Filmmaker and a one-on-one interview with him/her.

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