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Savannah, GA

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Prasad is a Student Emmy winning Producer and Animator. His skills include strong drawing, design, animation, camera and staging and illustration. He works well in collaborative projects; known for accuracy and meeting deadlines. With the ability to storyboard, act and animate with the understanding of 3D pipeline Prasad is a handy asset to 3D animation production.

He recently worked with LAIKA/House (which now known as Housespecial) on character animation, Camera and Layout projects. While learning 3D animation at SCAD his art credits include: I M POSSIBLE (Written, Directed, Produced & Lead animated 3D short), Outline(self directed and animated short), First Byte(3D collaborative project, Prasad worked as a concept artist and 3D animator), SCAD Motion Media Promo (Director: Nick Lyons, Character Designs: Prasad Narse), Coke Spider (Director: Allen McEnroy, Animation Supervisor: Prasad Narse), Locked Up (Director: Lorena Rother, 3D animator: Prasad Narse)

Specialties: Strong sense of acting, 3D animation, 3D Layouts, illustration and story.

Quick at grasping new technological software and tools.

Currently available to work in the Animation as well as Gaming industry and seeking a full time job as an animator and/or layout artist in film, game or commercial work and am also open to Freelance.

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