Sri Prem Baba

Sao Paulo - Brasil

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Sri Prem Baba is a true father of love (prem = love, baba = father). His presence floods our hearts with devotion, understanding and wisdom. He is a Spiritual Master who works incessantly to help us understand the Truth, that we are pure Light & Love.

He teaches that the goal of liberation can not be obtained through fighting but through complete acceptance and surrender and he proposes a mixing of yoga (intelligent austerity) and tantra (total acceptance).

When he is asked what is his religion, he responds “I am an eclectic center of the universal light” and my religion is Love, without regard to beliefs, race, traditions or social status. There is but one truth and we all have access to it.

Through his knowledge and compassion he has established a mixture of science and spirituality between East and West, stating that love is the “Universal Solvent” which dissolves all illusion, distinctions, judgments and dogmas.

Prem Baba transmits his teachings primarily through silence, although he continues to offer more satsangs (sat = truth, sang = meetings) for those in need of his words. These meetings are open to all people and He speaks on a wide variety of topics and responds to questions from his pupils.

Due to the increasing number of disciples around the world, Prem Baba travels to many countries where the seeds of his work are being seen and also new groups being established.

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