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  1. Nayaris Aymett Morales
  2. Paul Spangler
  3. Colleen Hahn
  4. Matt Nickel

    Matt Nickel Beverly Hills, MI


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    I am a pastor who loves to read, write, and discuss. I like photography, Macs, sketching, cycling, and coffee with friends. I am also a husband. Emma, my wife and I, seek culinary adventures in our kitchens and restaurants around town. Next up on our bucket list is a micro-brewery tour of Michigan.…

  5. Patricia Lopez
  6. BlackWhiteDesign

    BlackWhiteDesign Plus


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    Black & White is a design communications firm specializing in creative services and messaging. Simply stated - we help businesses become more visible and better understood.

  7. Glenn Sheridan
  8. mserovy



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  9. Karen Francis

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