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James Paterson is an artist, animator and programmer whose drawing and software works are grown from a decade-long diaristic process. In his work, accumulated libraries of imagery rooted in daily experience revolve around the subjects of digestion, sex, self-critique and skateboarding. Using ink and programming as primary tools, James Paterson continually cycles through
meditations on the everyday.

Both Paterson's solo works and his collaborative works with Amit Pitaru have been exhibited worldwide at venues including Centre Pompidou, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei, ICA in London, the Seoul Museum of Art, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, GGG Gallery in Tokyo, Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona, the London Design Museum, Muvim in Spain, and Mexico City's Museo Tamayo.

Paterson's work exists online at two sites: (his personal space), and (the space dedicated to his collaborative work with Amit Pitaru of

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