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Once upon a time there lived a little mammoth who looked like any other mammoth but this one had a very special gift. He discovered the beauty of art! Soon after that everybody gathered to look at him spending days and nights drawing on the cave walls. Needless to say, the whole herd was amazed! By showing them a fresh new way to express themselves, a little mammoth finally found his purpose. He quickly jumped in to an ice cold river and remained there frozen for 10 000 years. In 2011 the ice caps started to melt a little bit faster then the usual so our little hero managed to break loose from the ice. In few weeks he found a proper keyboard and mouse for his 4 feet, a huge monitor and a strong computer too. He was finaly ready to fulfill his life long purpose.

He opened an account on Vimeo...

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  1. This is awesome! Welcome to VH :)