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716 Church Hill Rd. Augusta, ME

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User Bio The Maine Primitive Skills School started as The Good Earth School in 1989. What began as a WIlderness Survival School grew as the instructors own skills and first hand experiences deepened. We ran courses on survival, tracking, and awareness. In 1993, the school relocated from Orono to Augusta. With an expanded curriculum, instructors from all over the country, and better facilities, we became incorporated as a non-profit in 1995. We continue to run many programs at schools, camps, and businesses such as L.L. Bean, Barnes & Noble, the Maine Conservation School, and the Boy Scouts of America. In 1998 The Good Earth School was reiorganized in to The Maine Primitive Skills School.

In 1998, the Maine Primitive Skills School began offering training to military survival instructors and the staff and students of colleges. In 2003 a group of instructors met to discuss helping run the school and from that point on MPSS started to grow. Facilities were upgraded and advanced students became staff. The Maine Primitive Skills School now includes not only students and instructors, but volunteers, assistant instructors, administrators, and elders. Many folks have emerged, seemingly out of nowhere, to offer profound insights and much needed help. We continue to rely on this sense of community for our success and would like to thank everyone who has been and will be a part the Maine Primitive Skills School family.

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