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CEO & Executive Producer, Scarlet Lens Productions

Leah brings a passion for media and a love of storytelling to her role as CEO and Executive Producer at Scarlet Lens Productions. Prior to founding the company, she shared her talents with companies such as marblemedia, Q Media Solutions and CTV.

A graduate of the acclaimed Radio & Television Arts program at Ryerson University, Leah has always had a gift for transforming ideas into visual stories on screen. She has produced work for many companies over the past few years including Canada’s Academy of Stage and Studio Arts, The Artistic Edge, Scene One Media and Reclaim Your Purpose.

Her strong leadership skills and creative energy served her well as the lead Media instructor at the summer program of Canada’s Academy of Stage and Studio Arts, where she shared her wealth of knowledge with children & youth eager to learn the craft of media.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit at her core, Leah thrives on developing innovative work as a writer, director and producer. In addition to her media experience, Leah is also an accomplished dancer with over eight years of training in many styles with a focus on International Latin and Ballroom.

When Leah is not engrossed in her media work she is pounding out the pages of her first book! Beyond The Director’s Chair will highlight key leadership skills that will make any director a successful motivator on set. Her book will be published in late 2013.

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