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Hey Everyone:

I am the owner of Pro8mm. I started working for the company in 1978 when it was still called Super 8 Sound in Cambridge, MA. I fell in love with the medium and the people that used it and decided in 1982 when the company declared bankruptcy to personally get involved and rebuild it as resource for all those who enjoyed working with Super 8 film. My vision was to have a company that could unit all components of the Super 8 experience , the equipment, the services and community of people that used it. Along the way we have made and modified equipment and invented some useful products like Color Negative film for Super8 in 1992 , Max8 16 x 9 widescreen film format in 2005. We have a complete line of film processing for all the stocks and a variety of scanning to digital including scanning on the Millennium II Scanner. This year we started offering Data Scanning on our new 5K Data scanner. This new process open up new possibilities and new workflows. I hope our video's can help explain some of the ideas we are working on.. If you have question feel free to contact the company at there is always someone there that can help.

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