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My name is Hendrik van Boetzelaer and I’m dutch / swiss / egyptian architect / artist / programmer / musician / label owner living in Geneva, Switzerland. I develop strategies to create, understand and enhance spaces, while combining my passion for architecture and programming. While graduating in architecture from the EPFL in Lausanne, with stopovers at the Delft TU and the Berlin TU, I got more and more fascinated by the opportunities offered by using the computer as more than a "drawing board". This has led me to integrating software development in my design process, allowing to explore new possibilities, build up connections between architectural elements unforeseen before and develop complex systems to generate space, shapes and architecture. After graduating from the LDM, and a short passage in an architecture office, i set up my own computational design studio in 2011: Procedural Strategies. When i'm not busy writing code, I also make electronic music under the opuswerk moniker and run the Plak records label, as well as do some webdesign with my brother as vbbros.

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