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For over a decade Producto and our established team of talented animators, designers, and programmers has delivered animation and new media solutions We work across platforms, software, and languages from brainstorming to broadcast to beta testing.

At Producto Studios everything begins with the clients needs in mind. The diversity of our team’s skills enables our staff to bring ideas and insight to your overall vision. Our team is streamlined and built to communicate easily.

Producto Studios aims to exceed your expectations and provide a concise and collaborative process to deliver your project within your budget and on schedule. Our team is extremely excited to work with new clients, and we look forward to hearing your ideas and implementing them in unique and exciting ways.

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Producto specializes in character design and animation, illustration, interface design, game design and coding , e-learning, motion graphics, website design, , corporate identity, and print. Several of our past projects encompass many if not all of these facets within the scope of one job.

Animation production house featuring animation team that's been staying on model for all the studios including Warner, Disney,
Vivendi, Fox, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network.
Multimedia Design:
Turnkey services from concept to project delivery for website, microsite, e-learning, animation, motion graphics, and game design
Video and Audio Editing:
Video editing and streaming services, After FX, sound fx design and editing and original music scoring.
Front and back end programming for iPhone, AS3, XML, Word Press, ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion, MySQL and Front and back end programming for iOS, Android, Flash, AS2, AS3, HTML5, JQuery, CSS, Javascript, Flex, XML, Word Press, ASP, .net, PHP, MySQL and others.

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