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Prographics is a Dutch based market leader in the area of live graphics for television. With over 25 years of experience in broadcast graphics, 25 operators, 3 in house developers, 25 XPression systems and 4 HD graphics vans, we manage a large client base.

We provide a total design solution for any show, ranging from leaders to end credits, actively participating in content-creation thoughout the entire process, writing custom software and creatively developing programme concepts.

We enrich and personify live content through the use of our XPression machines. This enables us to provide our customers with an array of possibilities for HD, 3D, extra layers, use of external data; anything is possible.

To harness the power of these endless possibilities we've created The Graphics Essential Suite.

Prographics is a firm believer in the saying: seeing is believing. That's why our essential software is readily available free of charge. You receive immediate access to all functionality and are able to try out all options to get a complete overview of what works for you. By purchasing the essential you receive a key (hardware dongle) to unleash the full potential of the application. You can use all of your previous set up options directly after purchase. The purchase of your essential is therefore a safe bet.

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