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Projecto TRANSITO (Chico Antonio, Edmundo Matsielane, Chude Mondlane and Nico M'Sagarra). It is an "accoustic" journey of discovery between musicians of varied musical and cultural origins (Mozambique, USA and France) using traditional instruments from around the world. They came together to experience their common love for music in "live" improve sessions that developed into compositions. It is a work in progress…

Chude Mondlane: Vocals, Flute, Mbira, Chocalho, Xigovia (globular flute)
Chico Antonio: Guitar, Flute, Mbira, Vocals
Nico M'Sagarra: Percussion, Udu, Mbira, Cuica, Vocals
Edmundo Matsielane: Schlitztrommel, Mbira, Percussion, Chocalho, Vocals


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