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Promotional Push is the new birth child from Deavon Hammonds “The Host of the City Where You Stay and You Love” Promotional Push is a Public Relations outsource outlet based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania specializing in the business consulting, public representation of a company or person, producing urban content for television, film, DVD, and new media, and to act as the communication between client and consumers. The company was formed in 2008 by Deavon Hammonds with the desire to utilize his expertise in the networking, management, business, and customer relations fields to give a business or person a lending hand or promotional push in the correct direction.

Who is Deavon “Devonair” Hammonds? I am a down to earth man networking on MySpace to associate myself with similar individuals. Writing is my fuel for survival and patience and dedication has never steered me wrong. I strongly believe that we all must see eye to eye (Idea) at one time in our lives to be complete and to expand our goals. I developed my lifestyle at an early age to adapt and relate on all levels. My networking abilities are my soul and my driving force. Deavon Hammonds has become a landmark amongst his peers in the City of Steel (Pittsburgh, PA). Powerful, wise and determined person, he has worked with entertainers, designers, and moguls of all sorts. A product of Pittsburgh, his first goal is to build a bridge from Pittsburgh to the industry. Feeding off the passion of Pittsburgh he is able and ready to capture the world by storm. With a humble approach of staying grounded and giving off as much energy as possible for you to recognize him and Promotional Push and what his company offers and willing to bring to the table as a professional business branded with God-fearing individuals that follow code to reap the blessings in bulk. He is considered to be the helping hand to look for in the near future. Promotional Push’s roster is constantly expanding. To have a consultation with one of our representatives, please forward your info to and we will contact you soon. Serious inquiries only! Promotional packages start at $150. Thanks for visiting my page and showing support for Promotional Push!

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